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Gorenje Shares, Investor Relations

Share Price in 2010

The share price of Gorenje share rose in 2010 by 8 percent.

Trading on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange continued to reflect the effects of the debt crisis, falling exchange rates and low liquidity. The consequences of the financial and economic crisis are persisting significantly longer in the Slovenian capital market in comparison with other developed capital markets. For example, the SBI TOP index attained a 15-percent growth in 2009, surpassing only the Icelandic and Maltese indexes in Europe. In 2010, the SBI TOP index dropped 13.5 percent and was, alongside those of Cyprus and Spain, the only share index in the EU to lose part of its value.

At year-end the GRVG share closed at EUR 13.49 and was, in comparison with the last trading day in 2009, higher by 8.01 percent. In the First Listing, the GRVG share was the only share besides that of Mercator to record a positive growth in the past year.

Such developments can be attributed to the successful implementation of anti-crisis measures within the Group, which significantly increased the stability of our operations through the stabilisation of cash flow and the restructuring of financial debts. In 2010 we repeatedly achieved positive business results, and are looking at the future operations of our Group with optimism.

Trading data of Gorenje shares
Shares outstanding15,906,87614,030,00014,030,00014,030,00012,200,00012,200,00012,200,000
Number of own shares121,311121,311121,3111,183,3421,183,342717,192251,042
Number of shareholders20,62721,62321,35919,77917,16819,77917,168
Annual turnover14,974,48313,732,61615,899,680152,035,9553,995,30350,622,95426,675,752
Average market capitalisation194,909,228161,415,150368,497,950454,825,150297,863,000300,608,000288,408,000
Value turnover (turnover / average market capitalisation)
Source: Data by Gorenje Group and Ljubljanska borza, d.d.
Remark: All data are for the year end, except the Annual turnover and Average market capitalisation, which are for the total year.
Ratios on Gorenje shares
 31 Dec 201031 Dec 200931 Dec 200831 Dec 200731 Dec 200631 Dec 200531 Dec 2004
Closing rate 13.4912.4910.5242.0126.2522.5826.70
Highest value 14.7213.9842.1849.6426.7127.5329.05
Lowest value11.597.6910.5025.9021.2922.1220.83
Earnings per share 0.20-0.440.891.
Book value of share (BV)21.0421.8722.4724.6018.9918.3418.69
Dividend - - 0.450.420.420.420.42
P/E (price / earnings per share)67.45-28.3911.8240.7924.3121.1028.11
P/B (price / book value of share)0.640.570.471.711.381.231.43
Dividend yield-%-%4.28%1.00%1.60%1.86%1.57%
Source: Data by Gorenje Group and Ljubljanska borza, d.d.     
Basic data on shares
Share quotation Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Class All shares are of the same class.
Voting rightsEach share entitles the holder to one vote per share, except shares that have no such right
Stock exchange listingGRVG
Bloomberg GRVG:SV
Reuters GORE.LJ
Source: Data by Gorenje Group.
Movement of Gorenje shares