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The Gorenje Group operates according to the established international standard quality management system ISO 9001, ISO 17025, which regulates the operation of all processes directed towards the needs, requirements and expectations of customers. The efficiency of the system is verified by internal and external evaluations conducted by the TUV certification authority.

The ISO quality management system with a technological growth is applied more intensively as it increases the efficiency of internal processes, services and products as well as the satisfaction of final customers. A successful management of these processes is essential for the Gorenje Group and is reflected in its business results. The quality processes are constantly measured, analyses and improved in compliance with the set efficiency measures.

All teams in charge of quality management within Gorenje continued wits its steady work in 2010 and started with reforming the quality system in the factory Tiki in Stara Pazova and integrating the quality system in manufacturing plants of the Asko Group.