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Vision, Mission and Gorenje’s Strategy in a Changing Environment

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To become the most original, design-minded creator of home appliances devoted to sustainable development and able to flexibly adapt to customers' needs.


We create original, technologically perfect, superiorly designed, user and environment friendly products for a comfortable home. We are focused on increasing customer satisfaction and creating value for all our stakeholders in a socially responsible manner. Strongly aware of key global trends and challenges, we are developing rapidly growing fields with above-average.

Strategy in a Changing Environment

Under the impact of constant changes being brought into the business, social and political environments by the processes of globalisation, consolidation within the branch, lifestyle trends, and in particular the global economic crisis, Gorenje must continuously improve its performance. For this reason we always respond to emerging challenges quickly, flexibly and efficiently.

As part of a global industry whose development is hard to predict at present, the Gorenje Group has also found itself in a delicate situation. Based on an analysis of the current situation, circumstances, trends and potential directions of the branch's development, the company laid out, at the end of 2009 an ambitious Strategic Plan of the Gorenje Group for the 2010-2013 period. Relying on the efficient management of business processes, the plan sets solid foundations on which to build our future.

The year 2010 saw numerous changes that are significantly altering the circumstances of the Gorenje Group's operation. For this reason we shall prepare, by the month of June 2011, a refreshment of the Strategic Plan and the extension of its time horizon to the year 2015. The entry of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) into Gorenje's ownership structure, activities related to the restructuring of production locations of the Home Appliances Division, reorganisation of operations of the Home Appliances Division, integration of the Asko Group into the Gorenje Group, debt restructuring activities, final solutions for the Home Interior Division, and the commencement of activities related to the disinvestment of non-operating assets are activities of a strategic nature having a significant impact on the operations of the Gorenje Group, and changes that will form an integral part of the revised Strategic Plan.

Read how we intend to achieve the set goals in 2011 here.

Refreshment of the Strategic Plan and extension of its time horizon to the year 2015.