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The Gorenje Group

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The Gorenje Group is ranked among the leading European manufacturers of home appliances boasting a history of more than sixty years. Our technologically perfected, superiorly designed and energy-efficient household appliances sold under the brand names of Gorenje, Atag, Asko, Pelgrim, Mora, Etna, Körting, Sidex, Upo and the new brand name Gorenje+ are improving the quality of living for users of our products in seventy countries around the globe. The bulk of our products are sold in European markets (98 percent of the products of our largest division - Home Appliances), primarily Germany, Austria and Russia.

Alongside household appliances, we have complemented our product range with our own programme of kitchen and bathroom furnishings, and are thus offering a broad selection of products for the home. In past years the Company has also been strengthening its activities in the segments of environmental protection, energy management, and services, where we are employing our know-how and forty years of experience in environmental protection, as well as identified business opportunities in various areas having a higher potential growth than our core activity.

For almost half a century, we have been expanding our international sales network on all continents. With exports accounting for more than ninety percent of our sales revenue, we are the most internationally oriented Slovenian company.

In 2010, Gorenje's 11,174 employees generated EUR 1.4 billion in sales revenue and EUR 20 million in net profit.

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